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About Us

We are a courier service based in Rathnew, Co. Wicklow.

We cater for people who are moving house to people or business that want one or two items moved from location to location, knowing that the items will arrive safely and securely.

We are new to the courier business but we offer first class service too all our clients.


Our Mission is to provide all our clients with fast, secure and a top courier service for all our clients needs, so we can get your items from a to b efficiently.


The philosophy of Low Cost Courier is quite simple: Our services are tightly aligned to the success and satisfaction of our customers. Therefore we are taking into account the optimum for our clients in every step throughout the value creation process.We try to follow our objectives and to reach a consensus our workforce is willing to support. Responsibility and commitment are two key values based on which our employees are assessed.A high quality level can only be achieved and retained by a well-functioning team. We as a team represent the goals of our company and attach big value to mutual respect, fairness and openness.Our customers are our employers. We guarantee to process all requests, orders or problems in the most committed and qualified manner.